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17 July 2014
Internet Keep Safe Coalition (iKeepSafe) hosted a Student Privacy Roundtable for Leaders in Ed Tech to discuss appropriate data collection and use that supports advancements in learning and technology. The event was held in San Francisco at Clever’soffice, and brought together district technology administrators, educators, privacy and industry experts and leaders from education technology companies. Specifically, the conversation focused on:
  • Privacy considerations in ed tech product development
  • Legislative trends and the impact on ed tech innovation and adoption
  • Communication pathways to ease technology adoption in schools
  • Helping schools comply with FERPA and COPPA
21 June 2014
Coronado California
RAGA Summer National Meeting
02 June 2014
Mackinac Island, Michigan
NAAG in June
07 May 2014
DAGA: Spring Policy Conference
20 February 2014
Arlington, VA
The event brings together leading experts and educational organizations at the headquarters of the National School Boards Association to present timely advice on best practices for the collection, use, and protection of student data.  The conversation will focus on: •    Data governance in schools •    FERPA and COPPA compliance •    Essential elements for student privacy curriculum •    Data security standards •    Legal responsibilities around data breaches and digital incidents •    Staff training “With the increased use of new technology in schools, there is a corresponding increase in concern that schools, and the vendors they rely on, are not adequately safeguarding the privacy of student data,” said iKeepSafe CEO & President Marsali Hancock. “By bringing together leading experts to discuss the latest issues facing schools in the privacy arena, we hope to empower the education community to lead the conversation with policymakers about how to best protect student data and integrate technology in the schools.” iKeepSafe aims to bridge the gap between industry and educators, and increase the competence of the education community so that parents, students and legislators can be better assured that data is being managed properly. Among the privacy specialists in attendance are Professor Daniel Solove, the John Marshall Harlan Research Professor of Law at George Washington University Law School; Linnette Attai the Founder of PlayWell, LLC; Jules Polonetsky, the Executive Director of the Future of Privacy Forum and Hemanshu Nigam, the Founder of SSP Blue.
13 September 2012
Redmond, WA
Youth Internet Safety Task Force Cyberbullying Summit
Panel Discussion: “Where Are We Now?” – Current efforts in Education, Law and Technology to fight Cyberbullying.”
01 May 2012
Marina del Rey
Digital Hollywood Content Summit
Privacy & Personalization Panel
20 March 2012
Chicago, IL
Mayer Brown Social Media Conference
Staying Ahead of the Revolution: What’s Next for Social Media?
25 January 2012
Cyber Risk in 2012: Is Your Head in the Cloud?
A PropertyCasualty 360 Web Seminar featuring guest speaker Hemanshu Nigam. Experts explore cloud computing and other emerging technology exposures—and the latest approaches to insuring and managing information security and privacy risks.
15 November 2011
Dallas, TX
"What's Hot - What's Next"
The objectives for this program are to present a challenging and informative technology briefing and peer group networking event exclusively for Texas venture capitalists, angels, family office and other private equity investors focused on the technology sector. These semi-annual sessions provide attendees with a high-quality, concise snapshot of leading-edge information and in-depth information on technology topics of interest. Our speaker for the next event is Hemu Nigram, the Founder of SSP Blue.
09 November 2011
Hartford, CT
South Asian Bar Association of Connecticut’s Fifth Annual Awards Dinner
SABAC will be presenting its 2011 Distinguished Legal Professional Award to Hemanshu Nigam, a Connecticut native who has become a pioneer in the field of internet security.
16 August 2011
Hemu Nigam Interview with Patt Morrison on NPR
Hemu will be speaking about whether it makes sense for the hacker group Anonymous to actually declare they are going to attack and take down Facebook on November 4, 2011.
03 May 2011
Marina Del Rey, CA
Digital Hollywood Spring Conference
The Kids Revolution - Brands, Games, Education and TV - from iPads to TVs
18 April 2011
SafetyWeb Blog Talk Radio Show with Jack McArtney, Manager of Content Standards at Verizon Wireless
"Safeguards" Protect Your Privacy Wirelessly
30 March 2011
CBS The Early Show
Hemu joins David Schwimmer to discuss his new movie, TRUST at 8:15 a.m. EST.
24 March 2011
Washington D.C.
Screening of TRUST with The Heritage Foundation
Panel discussion immediately following with Hemu Nigam, David Schwimmer and Donna Rice Hughes from Internet Safety 101.
15 March 2011
New York, NY
Hemu Nigam Interview on NBC Universal's Live Digital with Shelley Palmer
Personal online safety, security, and privacy.
03 March 2011
San Diego, CA
25th Annual National Institute on White Collar Crime
Data Mining Social Networking Sites: Investigative and Evidentiary Issues
28 February 2011
Sirius 108 / XM 139
Shelly Palmer Digital Living on SiriusXM Satellite Radio
Online security, protection and safety.
21 February 2011
SafetyWeb Blog Talk Radio Show: Bully Turned Cyber Bully
The Painful Story of "Mary" and Her Daugher "Lisa"
10 February 2011
SafetyWeb Blog Talk Radio Show with Brent Olson, Assistant Vice President of Public Policy at AT&T
Safety in the Wireless World
02 February 2011
SafetyWeb Blog Talk Radio Show with Marsali Hancock, President of IKeepSafe
Creating a Network of Support
26 January 2011
San Francisco, CA
The Churchill Club
Location & Privacy: Where Are We Headed?
14 January 2011
Stanford, CA
Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School
Hate Speech Workshop II: Definitions
13 January 2011
SafetyWeb Blog Talk Radio Show with Stephen Balkam, CEO of the Family Online Safety Institute
Online Safety and the New Congress, What's Ahead?
06 January 2011
SafetyWeb Blog Talk Radio Show with Donna Rice Hughes, President and Chairman of Enough Is Enough
Internet Safety 101
13 December 2010
Los Angeles, CA
DigiDay Target Event
Privacy and Transparency as Business Strategy and Other Critical Considerations
08 December 2010
Security, Technology & Social Media: Managing Risk and Coverage for the Workplace and the Marketplace
National Underwriter Property & Casualty Web Seminar
09 November 2010
Washington D.C.
FOSI 2010 Annual Conference - Internet Freedom, Safety & Citizenship: A Global Call to Action
From COPA to OSTWG: 10 years of online safety reports
18 October 2010
Santa Monica, CA
Digital Hollywood
The Kids Revolution - Brands, Games, Education and TV
06 October 2010
Santa Clara, CA
National Cyber Security Awareness Month: A Unified Message for Cybersecurity
Creating a Culture of Cybersecurity: A Call to Action
06 October 2010
San Francisco, CA
Children & Teens in a Mobile World - A Be Smart. Be Fair. Be Safe. Responsible Wireless Use Event
Be Smart Policy: Teach, Tech and Tools
15 July 2010
Washington D.C.
Senate Commerce Committee Testimony on Internet Safety
"Protecting Youths in an Online World"
29 June 2010
Washington D.C.
Event to Highlight the Online Safety and Technology Working Group Task Force
Youth Safety on a Living Internet
02 June 2010
San Francisco
27 May 2010
Redmond, WA
Microsoft Keynote
Online Safety Trends & Strategies
13 May 2010
Burbank, CA
Legal, evidentiary and policy issues and challenges
04 May 2010
Fort Worth, TX
National Football Association Annual Security Conference
Managing Social Media Crises
04 May 2010
Dallas, TX
Critical Sector Chair: Media
25 March 2010
Washington D.C.
2010 DISCUS Media Summit
Code of Responsible Practices for Beverage Alcohol Advertising and Marketing
07 January 2010
Las Vegas, NV
P2P Media Summit Keynote Government 2010 Keynote MommyTech Panel Moderator
10 December 2009
Alexandria, VA
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
18 November 2009
Naperville, IL
Office of the Illinois Attorney General: Cyber Safety Summit
"The Good and the Bad of Technology"
02 November 2009
Washington D.C.
Online Safety and Technology Working Group (OSTWG)
Meeting on Parental Controls, Child Protection Technologies and Content Rating Methods: Presenter & Co-chair
14 October 2009
Los Angeles, CA
Cyber Crime Prevention Symposium
15 June 2009
New York, NY
United Nations Conference
Cyber Hate: Danger In Cyber Space 2009 Unlearning Intolerance Seminar
19 May 2009
Reno, NV
Cyber City Hall Meeting
Myspace Controls in Place for Parents
11 May 2009
Washington D.C.
2009 NAAG Presidential Initiative
"Year of the Child: Protecting and Empowering our Next Generation"
15 April 2009
Norwalk, CA
Stepping In Conference
"Myspace: Foundation for Online Safety" Keynote
25 February 2009
Los Angeles, CA
Studio Security Chiefs Luncheon
28 January 2009
San Francisco, CA
Data Privacy Day 2009