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Cyber Security Affairs

SSP Blue conducts cyber assessments, crisis public relations, and legal and government affairs work for clients. As a cyber secuity, intelligence and investigative firm, SSP Blue helps clients like pro-athletes, talent, law firms, and corporations with cyber threat protection and investigative intelligence. Law firms use SSP Blue’s cyber intelligence analysts often during litigation to unearth hidden intel or to identify online “achilles” data on parties of interest. SSP Blue has sought justice for Hollywood stars being cyberstalked, hacked, threatened, for pro-athletes from the NFL and NBA from cyber harassment, for an attorney victimized by revenge porn, and for law firms whose clients are victims of online attacks. 


Crisis Response

We assume the worst crisis and set you up to be ready for it by building out a Crisis Response Plan that includes media training, top line messaging development, talking points, and reactive and proactive response planning.

Government Affairs

As soon as you get hit, the government takes interest.  We are there to conduct preemptive outreach as well as help navigate any inquiries often working hand in hand with your in-house and outside counsel.  We are the experts and the government knows it.

Public Affairs

Whenever a company is attacked, the advocates come out in droves for or against you.  We are at at the pulse of this arena and know how to build support quickly and counter those with negative intentions.

Arts & Entertainment

See our specialized services designed for Hollywood clients here – SSP Blue ELITE

Attack and Pen Testing

Where needed we can deploy our white hat hackers to test your systems and then help you fix them.

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More Services

Cyber Intel for Law Firms, Talent, Pro-Athletes, and Businesses

Call us to learn how our team of ex-military cyber intelligence analysts can build an achilles matrix on your opponent, identify cyber-stalkers, and protect you or your clients online and off.

SSP Blue Investigative Intel for Law Firms brochure Jan 28 2019

We work with individual clients directly or through your law firm or agency confidentially on matters involving privacy, security, and safety such as cyber stalking, online threats, harassment, leaks of personal images, and other personal issues.  Our clients are high net worth, high profile, and creative talent.

Helping Pro-Athletes Succeed

Our team of ex-military cyber intel analysts provide intel based achilles profiling and 24/7/365 monitoring to protect pro-athetes and teams.

SSP Blue for Pro-Athletes

Privacy Protect 

Privacy Protect is SSP Blue’s exclusive service for high net worth, high profile and talent clients to identify and remove their personally identifiable information from online sites. Our dedicated staff identifies, targets, and seeks the removal of your personal data such as home address, phone numbers, private emails, and personal business information. Privacy

Learn more about Privacy Protect

Content Moderation

Whether its image or video review, text review, flagged content, profile reviews, or abuse response, our team of 450+ moderators can handle it and at a cost significantly lower than most companies.  All of our moderators are college educated with full health and wellness benefits.

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SSP Blue has worked with the world’s leading institutions covering social media, online dating, arts & entertainment, education technology, wireless, online gaming, trade associations, non-profits, apps and software, and governments.

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