Jul 14, 2011

The Emergence of Blue…

SSP Blue is a personal endeavor.  Safety, security, and privacy online are issues that I care about.  As a father, I find comfort in knowing my family is safe online.  As a businessman, I find comfort in knowing transactions, plans, and communications are secure.  And, as an Internet user, I find comfort in knowing that my personal information is protected and my privacy is intact.  As a society, these are necessary comforts we all care about.

I started SSP Blue to provide strategic business counsel to companies who recognize the value of these necessary comforts and to raise awareness amongst all of us about how to navigate safely and securely online.

So, where does “SSP Blue” come from?

Often safety, security, and privacy are treated as mutually exclusive, when in fact they are mutually inclusive.  “SSP” – Safety, Security, Privacy – must work together hand in hand for us to be able to navigate successfully online.  Thus, putting “SSP” into the name expresses our core mission.   And “Blue” signifies the holistic strategies and tactics that must be implemented in order to reach the proper balance of SSP.  Companies and citizens alike need blue-prints for action.

Much like the name, the logo with intersecting petals of similar blue tones integrated into a soothing image has its own story as well.  Online safety, security, and privacy are often tough issues to grasp and deal with.  When visiting the site or working with us, we want you to feel a sense of calmness and comfort while recognizing the intersection amongst SSP.  SSP Blue can help provide the comfort that comes from knowing that we’re providing solutions that protect us online.  As much as SSP can branch out into different directions, at the core they are really shades of each other originating from the same place – a necessary comfort for all of us.

Why would so much thought go in to one name and one logo? Mostly because that is how much thought goes into everything we do at SSP Blue.

SSP Blue, your blueprint for safety, security, and privacy.