Sep 8, 2014

The Right To Be Forgotten

HEMU’S BOTTOM LINE: The Right To Be Forgotten

If the Internet is a reflection of our real world, do we really need to be forgotten online?  Are you asking Google to forget you?  Is that like asking people to forget the footprints you have left in this world so far? Why or why not? Read more here.

Sep 3, 2014

Online Shopping Rates Drop Surprisingly

HEMU’S BOTTOM LINE: Online Shopping Rates Drop Surprisingly:

Should we stop going to malls because thieves might steal our wallets, purses, or iPhones?  Nearly 25% of Americans stopped shopping online because of the security breaches on eBay, Target, and other large companies. Are you still shopping online? Read more



Jul 9, 2014

Youtube Should Reconsider Their Reactions To Flagged Videos

HEMU’S BOTTOM LINE: Youtube Should Reconsider Their Reactions To Flagged Videos

After taking a look at the videos posted by Elliot Rodger, I wonder if there should be some improvements made to how Youtube handles reports of videos that require ‘immediate’ attention.  Are there procedures that trigger an immediate review of a ‘flagged’ video along with an immediate reach out to health experts and the police where the poster is located?  What are your thoughts? Read more here