May 16, 2013

Internet Safety for Kids: 17 Cyber Safety Experts Share Tips for Keeping Children Safe Online

The most important tip I can share with parents about keeping kids safe online is…

Parents are the first line of defense when it comes to protecting kids offline and online. As much as we want to pass on this role to others when it comes to the online world, the reality is that all parents are actually equipped to be the defenders of their children online as much as they are offline. Most every answer to the question of what should we do to keep our kids safe online comes from the online world. We’ve all done – don’t talk with strangers, don’t give up your personal information, don’t go somewhere alone, don’t go down a dark alley, be nice to others, be respectful, be helpful to your friends… and the list goes on.

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Mar 28, 2013

Social Privacy: What Does This Really Mean?

If Facebook has learned one thing from its social media reign, it’s that users take the appearance of the platform very seriously. As a company this is great since it means users are loyal and inspired to stay connected with Facebook. The universal rollout ofTimeline in 2012 created havoc in the social media community, as hoards of Facebookers took to Internet chat rooms and profiles to voice their opinions about the visual appeal of the format change, as well as the increased visibility of uploaded content on profiles. With the introduction of a redesigned News Feed and plans to update the Timeline appearance and implement Facebook Graph Search, users once again responded with their honest feedback. Some of the most common user concerns relate to unknown individuals viewing private content through friends’ comments, as well as social reader and movie viewing app publications on the News Feed.

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Mar 12, 2013

Besides Music, What Do Rihanna, Miley and Taylor Have in Common?

   In the world of pop culture, nothing entices the public more than celebrity gossip. Search Google Trends on any given day, and famous sports figures, reality stars, singers and actors undoubtedly top the list of the most sought-after Internet topics. Sadly, the global appeal of celebrity serves as the ideal niche for eager hackers and cyber criminals looking to uncover personal information from unsuspecting celebrity inquirers. One such emergent trend in phishing scams targets the public fascination with celebrity scandal, as fabricated videos and newsfeeds tempt Internet users to access corrupted content containing viruses and other hacker material aimed at collecting personal information.

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